Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Convert a Audio Podcast to a Video and Add Custom Player.

Every Tuesday Night I broadcast a live radio show on my YouTube Channel.  I then take the Audio saved on my YouTube Channel and add a Custom Tumbnail on YouTube channel Video Manager. This includes a  Picture with Times for show and keeping  brand in place.  While broadcasting using audio only Google + profile picture appears where video would play.

I add all the text in description box, Link to website, description of show and all the items needed to for the video.  I now have a radio show that acts like a video. A single picture with audio portion.

I then take URL for that show located on my YouTube channel and go to ViewBix.

The Final Show is a custom player with links to my sponsors, guest website, email contact  form   and Bill Board with link to my Video 6 Pack.

You Can start your very own Radio Staion using Google Hangouts on Air.  Building your brand and creating engaging content is a great way to keep Clients, Potential Clients and Friends socially invloved.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

How I Started My Video Business

The twelve years of streaming live content  was changed when a certain launch created some buzz of course, YouTube.  Most are aware it was silly videos and fun videos.  Then Google made the buy and the rest is continuing history.

Fast Forward a few years. Watching countless small business start creating channels and uploading how to, demos and here I am take a look C I noticed a gap in what could be vs. what I watched.

Cameras with HD video, web cams and smart phones are cheap and shooting video is now a single click away.  What I noticed  most small business owners were uploading video's to YouTube without proper titles, no links to websites and no descriptions.

From the video standpoint most videos were shaky, pan to fast and could overall be a "little"  better. After interviewing small business anxious to have video and create a YouTube channel.  My conclusion was simple use Small Pocket Cameras and improve on making a "little" better.

One issue making videos a "little" better was making sure they were branded, had URL on Video and add proper descriptions.  Improve a "little" over what small business owners were uploading.

The second issue was making the cost affordable for small business who needed more then one trick pony video and of course,  a "little" better.  This meant shooting clips on location of business and meant keeping videos simple for engagement and activity.  No fancy sets or lighting and no mics.  What was that Movie Line?  B..eeee Yourself.  Build Like, Know and Trust.  I decided I would pick the low hanging fruit and developed the "Video 6 Pack"

Focus again on a "little" better.  The videos produced are a "little" better" then the owner of a business will produce.  They go through the normal procedure's Capture on Pocket Cannon ( power shot), convert, edit and upload to YouTube with proper titles, Descriptions and Tagging.

The videos produced are a "little" better they are cost effective and they deliver a personal message. They are not done in studio, no fancy lighting, no crews  you get it.  PS:  At one time I was close to naming the company "cheap ass productions".

Now days the package for small business includes The " Video 6 Pack, YouTube channel build,  all the uploads with the proper Titles etc.. and I teach small business how to manage the channel.  I do all this at a very affordable cost.

Very much self taught in my business. My clients are very much a niche.  No events, seminars, weddings or high production.  I outsource when I realize a client wants more then I offer.  It would take me a while to count all the videos produced and YouTube channels built.  Many of my clients are service companies.

Included below the video above is the YouTube Channel for Top Notch Irrigation.  They have a very nice brand in Georgetown Texas area.

Included below the video above is the YouTube Channel for Jerry's Garage.  Since the channel was created a little over a year ago.

I help small business owners with cost effective branding, lead generation and search using video online.
I like simple I keep everything simple and I love to help small business be successful. Thanks for Reading!