Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Create A Personalized Video On YouTube

If you have a web cam and YouTube channel?  Here's a suggestion.

Remember the days  we sent thank you cards after the a meeting or sale.  My mail box would have a thank you card from thoughtful folks who understood marketing is everything we do before and after we pick up the check.

When is the last time one was in your mail box?  Here is a great way to personalize a video and thank a client for choosing your service or product.

How about a personalized thank you video sent to your client after the sale.

Must have a YouTube channel for this to work.  If your using a standard web cam consider upgrading.  Logitech is a good choice.  Or for starters use your web cam.  

The Process

Create a video Using your web cam right on your YouTube channel.   Once you sign into your channel click upload and record a video on your web cam.  Short Tutorial Video.   

Create a thank you video directed to your client.  While the video is in upload make sure you click the video as unlisted.  Unlisted does not show on your channel to public since the video your creating is directed to a single person.

When finished with upload and (channel verified)  as unlisted save and publish. Click on video and then "share" under video. Copy the short URL and send your new client an email and include the link you copied from your YouTube channel into the email.

You will be surprised how many clients respond and it leaves a great first impression.

Personalized videos can make a huge impact on your clients. Consider using for tips for clients or checking in.  Imagination is the key.

I help small business standout using video on the Second Largest Search Engine Google YouTube.

UPDATE:  Google removed the record feature that was very easy to use .  Now go to live streaming navigation on your YouTube Channel and click events.  You can record and keep unlisted and share link.  Or juts record video on your YouTube App and then approve for launch on channel.