Sunday, June 14, 2015

Embed a YouTube and Hide Related Plays

Of the years the the one question which, comes up all the time?  My Video finished playing on my website and then some of my competitors videos were offered up.

You want your embed videos to stand alone on your website, blogs and newsletters.  This only works with embed videos.

The screen shot will show where to change the embed code.
Locate Video On Your Channel. Under Video click "Share".

Once you click "Share" then click "Embed".

Once you click on "Embed" this page will show.  Before copying the code click under code on "Show More".

After you click on "Show More".  The page below will open. Take ck mark out of box.  Arrow on screen shot points to box.  Then copy Embed code.

This will keep any related videos for showing when you Embed.
Hope this helps.  The most asked question about YouTube I receive everyday.