Saturday, May 31, 2014

Target Your Market Using Video on YouTube

Video is a huge front door to attract, engage and push your business message to your target market. Video  builds know, like and trust.

Etablish a YouTube Channel 

You can try this yourself or hire for completion.  The most important part of YouTube is the ability to Share your videos "anywhere" online.

Convert Q & A on Website to Videos

Add these videos to your website and add to the proper pages inside your site.

Intro Video Home Page Website

Welcome visitors with a very short video.  Finish by asking for a call to action.

Keep Video's Short-Get to the Point.

Make sure your videos do not ramble or drag.  Note: A video watched is a good video.

Have Fun

A simple smile and having fun makes viewers pay attention.

Be Creative

Use props, tell a story.  Think about what your potental clients would like to see.  Sometimes we think about what we like think in terms of customer.


Use video to offer tips and keep educating your clients/potential customers.  If you do not have a blog start one and use video inside your blog.