Wednesday, July 4, 2018

YouTube Premium

Google Premium a nice bundled paid membership.

On your channel click your picture top right and corner then scroll down to Paid Memberships

This screenshot will appear to learn more and offer.

Once on your channel,  learn more about each service.
Another way to access information? Google Search for Google Premium. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

How To Shelf Playlist Videos On YouTube

Do you have many playlists on YouTube?   Did you know you can shelf those videos on your channel so visitors can easily find your video content?

The brief video explains how.

Monday, November 13, 2017

3 Ways To View a Video On YouTube

Most everybody knows a video upload to YouTube is public.   Your Yube channel allows two more settings unlisted and private.

I produced a very short video tutorial below.

YouTube offers many tools that can help your business with brand and visibility.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Create Your Own Home or Business Studio For Video Capture

No long ago building a studio in your home of business cost a few dollars.  Building a small studio with a single video camera green screen or a customized back drop is within reach.

Basic Studio

Light Kits run from low end around $52.00 up. Amazon Light Kits

Video Camera    Hint buy the best you can afford $300.00 up.  Audio for Mics  Amazon Camera Selection  Buy one with ability to add external mic.  Amazon Mic Pricing   I use wireless and probably need to spend $70.00 or little higher.

Green screen kits. Find one that has light kit and racking for hanging your green screen.  Full Kit Amazon

Some other considerations listed below

Use a room with reduced noise. I found some foam stapled to wall helps.
Add drapes for blocking external light.
Outsource editing
Live streaming as you grow and learn
Create a show
Use iPad teleprompter or buy a teleprompter

T-Werx Coworking located in Cedar Park Texas did this and created a weekly recorded show  Entrepreneur Essentials interviewing local business.  Very Simple studio set up.

The CEO Jeff Kikel and myself designed a way for small business to rent the studio by the hour.

If you create lots of video content.  Consider building a simple basic studio for starters. 

Vision. Creativity.  Innovation

Hurdie Burk

Saturday, June 24, 2017

How To Create YouTube End of Screen Annotations Card

Google made some changes on YouTube.   Annotations were added several years ago.  Add Titles, speech bubbles and other fun stuff.  Now replaced with  End Of Video Annotations.

Go to Videos. Click on one of your videos then Video manager.

Once on video manager click at top of page end screen & annotations,  Then click on Add Elements.
The landing area within the video will highlight with a square.  Above the video chose template and location.

Once you have the end screen annotations chosen.  Make sure you Save,
These end of screen annotations will link to another video or the element you chose and will pop up inside video when 20 seconds is left on video.

Screen shot shows what the end screen annotations looks to the viewer.

Video Tutorial

Monday, March 20, 2017

YouTube Cards Link Video Inside YouTube Videos

YouTube cards were launched sometime ago. Yet I have many folks telling me they did know how to use or what they do.

I will include a screen shot below.   If you have a YouTube channel go to video manager click edit on one of your videos and then cards top of the page.

Below is the ways to link a YouTube Card inside a video.  You can add a Video Playlist, Promote another Channel, Donations To a Non-profit of your choice, take polls or link your website.

Below is a screen shot of a card linked inside the video.

Help your channel and next time you upload add a card.

PS:  Under channel settings then advanced make sure you asscociate your website on your channel to link your website card.

Friday, December 23, 2016

How To Reach Your Market On YouTube

Your User Generated Video for YouTube is more effective if aimed at a certain group or niche within your target market.
This means doing your research. Who I want reach?  What Group? What Niche?
What is going on within my brand online?  What content is trending within my brand?   Spending time  understanding  your market will help form your video message.
Be your authentic self. Viewers love real people.  Build trust!  In today's noisy marketing world speed of trust is important.
Video tips for YouTube.
Understand who you want to reach
Research and have a strategy
Be consistent
Appeal to emotions
Be engaged with your audience
Be creative ( actually write ideas for videos)
Think into mobile search  ( another blog).
Know how people are searching for your brand or product.
 You can find great information YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands