Saturday, August 15, 2020

Live Streaming Video My Recommendations

Live streaming is easier now and will continue to open doors for people wanting to publish a video or ongoing video live sessions.

Since the COVID-19 many folks are discovering live video as a way to connect with people.

StreamYard  I was sent this website by a client and decided to test it for myself.  I opted for a free account and did my first test by doing a live stream to my Facebook Group. The simplicity amazed me!  I did not need to add any stream keys from Facebook was built in.  The free version allows you to connect to one destination. I recommend you opt-in for the upgrade for $250.00 a year or $25.00 per month.  This allows you to stream live to Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin Twitter, by simply attaching your social site URL and confirm.  You can add custom banner,  news like ticker at the bottom, and backgrounds. 

Zoom by now is well known and after solving hopefully some security issues allow you to stream your session live on Facebook.  Some can be video or audio and the ability to record save to hard drive or on the Zoom cloud.  Allows customized groups ( upgrade).  I record my podcast on Zoom download the audio to my edit software and then upload my podcast to my host platform. Use RSS feed for  Apple and Google Podcast Platforms. People who never did any virtual education or virtual work with clients are using Zoom for a business tool.  

Facebook Live is popular for your personal page, business page, and groups.  

OBS Studio  Is an opensource broadcast studio and is for the tech-savvy. Multiple cameras. You set scenes and load the stream keys from the social platforms you want to broadcast to.  Go and visit the website link and take a look around.  For the Tech-Savvy!

Periscope If you have a Twitter account. The link is the how-to go live.  

YouTube Live  I would use StreamYard for the YouTube live stream. The link provided helps run you through the process for YouTube.

Linkedin last I checked is still asking for an application.  The link includes tutorials for application and PDF instructions for other live hardware/software live options.

Other Live Options 

These are recommendations.  I do not represent any of the business linked.  Simply passing information for your edification. 

Hurdie Burk

Friday, March 20, 2020

How We Produce The Internet Sports Broadcast Network

Recently we launched the Internet Sports Broadcast Network. Actually, it's fair to say we brought the show back when we did live audio streams in 2005.

Four of us good friends decided we would start recording our sports talk

Interested in listening? We added to the Google Music Podcast Platform.

Listen on Google Play Music

We have 4 completed shows with some guests you may know.  We record every Wednesday night and add the recording to our podcast platform.

The process for adding the recording to YouTube, Podcast Platform and Apple Podcast and Google Music.

We record on Zoom.  The recorded podcast is saved to my computer.  Add the audio file to my editing software.  Add introduction bumper music. Edit the audio timeline. Add outro bumper music. The final step.  Drag the logo of the show over the audio timeline to create a video for YouTube.

Take the final YouTube version and convert it back to audio-only using conversion software. Upload the audio-only version to the podcast platform.  The podcast platform supplied an RSS link for adding to Apple Podcast.

In fact, the RSS feed allows me to add the media to any platform that accepts RSS.

Friday, March 6, 2020

How Video Helps Business

Video is a super way to gain attention for a product or service.  With all the changes to mobile search, AI and machine learning videos is a very simple way to push information at your target market.

How Video Helps  Business?

1. Video directed to a target market.
2. Answer questions about your service or product.
3. Builds know,  like and trust for the consumer.
4. Demo a product or service.
5. Upload videos to YouTube.

These are a few examples of how video helps your business. Folks searching for your product or service spend time on YouTube, video platforms and social platforms.

Start using your mobile device to capture short video snippets of information. Answer your top 5 questions asked over and over.  Create short stories.  How I started my business?  Use product demos.

Video are a great  way to reach your target market.  Demo a product. describe a service.  Potential clients meet you. YouTube is the second largest search engine.  Build a YouTube channel download the YouTube app and capture video with a mobile device.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Podcast Austin Biz Buzz We Build the Buzz About Austin Business

For the past 5 years, covered Austin Texas business under the Hurdie Burk Broadcast Network.  The goal create a podcast that identified Austin Business. Brand the podcast Austin Biz Buzz.

The next step capture a sponsor.  A long-time friend and client Mike O'Neal owner of the Money Coach LLC proudly contacted me for sponsorship for 35 podcasts covering Austin Business.

How it works?  The whole idea,  give the podcast business guest something to push out (Inbound Marketing).  

The steps.

1.  A potential business owner in Austin and surrounding area send me 10 questions via email to ask the business owner on the podcast. 
2.  I use Zoom and record the interview for 30 minutes answering the questions the business owner sent.
3. I add the recording to editing software ( audio) and add the introduction bumper.  Once I edit the audio I use the above banner and drag across the audio to create a video. I add in my sponsor a 30-sec audio ad. Add the music save and upload it to YouTube.
4. I upload to YouTube and then copy link add to the Facebook Group.
5. Send to the  Business Owner the  Podcast links from YouTube for both standard link and embed code.  The Business Owner can share with his social platforms for the ongoing buzz.
6. I take the finished edit and run it back through "Any Audio Converter" and create an mp3 audio clip only.
7. I then go to Podcast Garden and upload the audio version only.  Create an audio player version only.  This is where I get my RSS link and the ability to add to iTunes and Google play. 
The Austin Biz Buzz Podcast audio player version.
8. On Apple and Google Play Music.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Create Videos Answering Consumers Questions and Add to YouTube

Is your business answering the questions your potential customers are asking every day about your product or service?

YouTube is a great platform for adding the top questions ask about your product and service every day.  YouTube has a share link to social platforms.  Embed code for websites. Messenger link to friends.  Blog links and embed code.   The Internet is one big link and sharing video links from YouTube allows consumers in your local market to find your business.

The mobile device is now the go-to search device.  Google searches like near me and nearby are implied by Google.  Same with close by and similar.   Google recently changed indexing to mobile.  Read more  Search Engine Land.

Identify the questions ask about your business.  List 10 and search those questions on your mobile device. See, how consumers are asking for information.  The information you gather will help create the videos ( short ones) meeting the consumer during a search.

If you know your identified market you will be successful.

If you have a channel on YouTube?  Let's say you do.   Download the YouTube app and sign-in your account connected to  YouTube.  Use the app to record the questions and answers. Fill in the details and hit upload.  Once located on channel start sharing information to your target audience.

 Build brand and sales leads by meeting your potential clients with information to help provide the engagement and steps to the service or product.

Consumers know you before you know them.

Tips to help develop your portal to reach new leads.

1. Really I mean really research your competition and know your potential user.
2. Buy a journal and keep notes.  Save screenshots of good ideas.
3. Identify at least 10 questions you are asked about your product or service.
4. Create short video clips and answer questions.
5. Add to YouTube channel.
6. Distribute to social platforms based on number 1.
7. Add Video clip links by posting on Your Google Business Listing.

Monday, November 5, 2018

YouTube Studio Beta New Look

Have you seen the new YouTube Studio beta?    Find the new look in a link on your channel.  When signed into YouTube.

YouTube will allow a switch back to creator studio when confused on the new tool usage.  Very soon all YouTube channels will be switched.

Now is a great time for learning all the ways to use the channel.  My first impression was confusion.  
Once I figured out the navigation the channel was easier and fun to work within. 

Repetition and discovery learning will help you through the navigation process.  YorTube needed a new look and added tools to meet the way we search for content.

Most of the tools on the channel remain the same. YouTube will offer news and ideas for you. Basic analytics will give a quick channel overview.

My first look and reaction were yikes.  After some time playing around on the channel it grew on me.
Have fun and enjoy the new changes.
YouTube Studio Beta

Learn More on the Google support page.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How to Loop a Video On Your YouTube Channel

Did you know you have the ability to loop a video on your YouTube Channel?   I actually went to Loom and created a short video tutorial.

One more feature highlighted is creating a URL from a starting point on your video.

I went to a video on my YouTube channel.  I did a right click on Video and did a check mark on Loop my video.

I went to my blog page and first did a share link of the same video and it did not loop.  I also copied the embed code and added to the HTML box and did a test on the loop feature.  The video did not loop on my blog and did show related plays.

The video loops on my channel but not using the link provided by YouTube.  The link provided by YouTube

Here is the Embed of the video I did a check mark to loop on my channel. Does not loop on embed.

There is no longer a stop related plays when you use embed.  This was one of the nice features not to show other videos once finished.  Build a playlist