Monday, March 20, 2017

YouTube Cards-Link Video Cards Inside Your YouTube Videos

YouTube cards were launched sometime ago. Yet I have many folks telling me they did know how to use or what they do.

I will include a screen shot below.   If you have a YouTube channel go to video manager click edit on one of your videos and then cards top of the page.

Below is the ways to link a YouTube Card inside a video.  You can add a Video Playlist, Promote another Channel, Donations To a Non-profit of your choice, take polls or link your website.

Below is a screen shot of a card linked inside the video.

Help your channel and next time you upload add a card.

PS:  Under channel settings then advanced make sure you asscociate your website on your channel to link your website card.

Friday, December 23, 2016

How To Reach Your Market On YouTube

Your User Generated Video for YouTube is more effective if aimed at a certain group or niche within your target market.
This means doing your research. Who I want reach?  What Group? What Niche?
What is going on within my brand online?  What content is trending within my brand?   Spending time  understanding  your market will help form your video message.
Be your authentic self. Viewers love real people.  Build trust!  In today's noisy marketing world speed of trust is important.
Video tips for YouTube.
Understand who you want to reach
Research and have a strategy
Be consistent
Appeal to emotions
Be engaged with your audience
Be creative ( actually write ideas for videos)
Think into mobile search  ( another blog).
Know how people are searching for your brand or product.
 You can find great information YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Copyright Rules Using Video On Social Sites

Copyright terms are included in all terms of use.  With video usage and uploads on a huge increase now is the time to understand the rules.  






Hope this helps establish proper ways to post/upload your video content.

Monday, July 25, 2016

TubeBuddy What a Great Tool

I love to brag on tools that integrate into YouTube.

You have a YouTube Channel. Sign up for TubeBuddy   If you use chrome you can add as an extension offerred right on link above.

If you want a complete package then scroll on the site to pricing and look at all the features.

Short Blog Powerful Tool.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Live Video Streaming From Your Mobile Device a Hot Trend

In early 2000 we were streaming live video when streaming was not cool. Maybe,  I should be honest we were attempting to stream live video.  Pulling your hair and cussing was common.

Fast forward.. High end processors, cheap storage, larger bandwidth pipes and mobile devices with apps have changed the above to plain fun!

Consider this Periscope and now Facebook Live are changing the way we use video to tell our personal and business stories.  I cannot leave out Google who promise Google Connect is coming soon.

The idea blows my mind when I consider how far in a short time we are using apps that stream good looking video where you are.  One of  our tag lines in the old days was on air anywhere and this is so true today.

Just so you know Periscope is connected to Twitter and FaceBook Live is located in your Personal Page, Business Page, Groups and I think Events.

These instant moments are captured live and then archived. Great marketing tactic for business.

I realize Google is a little behind but imagine however, the idea of streaming live on YouTube channel and the ability to distribute to  social platforms.  On air any where is just plain cool.


Monday, January 25, 2016

How To Share Your Periscope Video on YouTube

If you have not heard of Periscope you will soon.  Periscope is a live streaming video app connected to your Twitter feed. Stream live video from your iphone or smartphone on Twitter.

In order to upload your archive from Periscope to YouTube do this.

Once you download the Periscope app go to settings and click auto save to gallery.  Once you authorize this setting all your live streams go to your gallery on your phone.

Then open  the gallery locate your archive and upload to Youtube.

UpDate 05-05-16  Add #save in yout title of broadcast and will save forever.

Have fun..

Update 01/08/17.
Periscope is now part of your Twitter app to stream live.

Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Add Artwork On A YouTube Banner

I average about 2 calls per day.  How do I add a banner artwork to my YouTube channel?
The great news I found a couple of links which,  will help explain and show you the steps.

Add Channel Art On YouTube Banner   Download the YouTube Banner Template

This will help your channel with your brand.  Do not leave blank!  Use some of the gallery choices while you complete yours.

Template should look like this

Have a great day.