Sunday, September 28, 2014

How To Share Video to Your Target Market on Google My Business

Why is the Google My Business such a great place to target your potential clients? Unlike other social sites Google allows you to create circles and you can share "private" messages to those circles.

In my case I have a "Client Circle", "Potential Clients" and "Radio Sponsors". I have some other circles those I follow and my outsource team."Potential Clients have shown interest at one time and I stay in touch  by dripping information. These  include folks once proposed,  one to one's and  part of my tickler system.

 How does this work? I use this link from Google . I record a message and upload to YouTube and select unlisted. This means it's hidden.

I create video for my Client Circles  for updates  and new products. Other videos are created for my Potential Clients.  Once the video is on YouTube I copy the link.  If you use a unlisted link Google will remind you a unlisted link can be shared by others.  Copy Link using Share button under the video. Go to Google My Business Page and add link in new post and I choose the circle I created "Potential Clients" (private). Do not click public or if you see Public in share section click x and remove.

The video is directed at my target market with a direct appeal to my "Potential Clients".  One more step is required if you wish to make sure your Potential Clients Circle do not share with others.

On your post little arrow down will open pop up menu.  Scroll down and Disable Reshares.  You may create as many circles and target each one with private content.  This is a great way to share your products/services.

Monday, September 8, 2014

YouTube For Small Business

If you ever wondered if YouTube videos about products and services made a impact for your business?  Answer..Yes!

My whole model for small business the last few years.  Add  videos on YouTube about your products,  services and share across your social sites.  Your business stands a good chance of better conversion rate. YouTube is a social site and second largest Google owned search engine.

Folks are searching YouTube for your products and services.  Videos on YouTube that introduce your business products/services will help build a better conversion rate.

With some sweat equity on the front end  and continued engagement you can help your local business.

The benefits of YouTube.  Free Channel. Embed code for websites, blog and newsletters. Provided link for posting on social sites. Audio library of music, Playlist for segmented content. Description box.  Annotations. Video Manager. Editing and more.

Video on YouTube is great way to build engagement and activity on  your social sites.

Link to Study from VentureBeat.  Website is

YouTube has a extensive YouTube Playbook for Brands  Taking advantage of studies like these will help better identify what tactics work for your business.  Video on YouTube continues a great place to show off your business.