Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Create a Playlist with Long Play Video On YouTube

Folks are realizing the importance of video recording seminars and workshops.  Today's savvy business folks are realizing the power of recording and then publishing to a video platform.

While long play video may be good for movies and TV shows it may not be so good for long workshops or seminars.  I might have a great solution.

If you have a YouTube channel you might consider dividing up your seminars and workshops into shorter clips and adding a powerful tool on YouTube called a playlist.

These steps will help guide you.

Review your seminar.
Look for break points
Keep clips short to the point.  (editing will help)
Hire a editor and have the editor create clips at those break points
Title each break point and make that a part 1 etc.. until you have a whole series of segments.
Each segment should have a intro. Right before a part finishes tease your viewers by adding a title next up we talk about..

Once your segments are edited and reviewed then start uploading to YouTube.
During upload YouTube allows you to create a name for your playlist.
When you upload another segment add video to the playlist you created.
Once all your segments are uploaded to the playlist  all the videos will play in order.

This will help divide up your seminar or workshop and allow important points to play in segments.
To increase traffic create a short trailer and use the trailer for introduction to  the playlist.

Each playlist has a URL.  Make your playlist public, private or unlisted.