Monday, October 7, 2013

How does Video Help Your Small Business

My coach Danny L Smith talks a lot about wasted handshakes.  Wasted handshakes come when we meet at a business function grab a business card throw in the stack on the desk and do not follow up. Building realtionships is a great way to help build your busines. The goal of realtionships is Like, Know and Trust.

What is a great tool ( Danny calls Weapons) we should  use?  Video will establish the begininings of Like, Know and Trust.  Video brings instant connection with folks you meet online. Think of your video as a "Virtual Handshake".

Below is a perfect example of a "Video Handshake".  Tips are great ways to start Like, Know and Trust. Cammy Oney with explains blind cabinets in kitchens.

What if you explained this with text?  Video is  great way not to waste handshakes online.  I help small business owners located in Austin Texas with cost effective branding using video online