Monday, January 19, 2015

Add a Video From YouTube Search On A Playlist

If you have a YouTube channel this is useful.  I started thinking about all the ways to use this tool on my YouTube channel.

The screen shoots below will explain.  First go to  Once on the home page use search box and search for a video.  See screen shot.

Once you have located a video.   Maybe you have a collection of videos in a certain category.  Next screen shot will explain adding to a playlist or creating new playlist. I did a search for my friend at Aloha Plumbing.  I located his video.
The screen shows my search for my friends video. Next step add to my playlist or create a new one.. Place your mouse on top right hand corner and  3 little dots will appear. When you hover over the 3 dots notice  "show more"  click on 3 dots.  If you have a playlist on your channel  you can add the video or create new playlist ..your done.  See screen shot.

Have fun and think about all the playlist you can create using this very simple process.