Sunday, January 19, 2014

You Cannot Produce Videos Sitting On Your Rear

Wow!  Not like me to include such a word in the title.  I need your attention and thought maybe this might tempt you to read this blog.

For many the light bulb has not yet gone off.  I cannot believe when I meet with small business how many business owners have no clue "how" important video can work for small busness.

What if I helped you start today? Motivated you to set a goal this year for 30 videos on your very own YouTube channel?

Have a Pocket Camera?
Have a Smart Phone?
Have a iPad

All of these have Video recorders built in with very good video capture.  How many times have you wished you recorded a demo or maybe a tip.  Point and shoot.  Then with the simple ability to share, upload to YouTube and other social network.

Imagine shooting 1 video every 2 weeks and uploading to YouTube. Add the proper title and some other stuff and sharing to your social foot print. Do you think your friends might help share this and recommend your business.  The stats say "yes" they will.

I was in a small town working with a pest control company.  They ask me to produce some videos and help build the YouTube Channel.  They were excited upon arrival and were full of ideas.  I ask if they carried phone with camera?  ( yes).  I ask if they could record and talk about what they were Capturing? (yes).  I ask do you think folks looking for Pest Control service might like to see tips/demos of what you do? ( yes).  I went on to say you could have 30 videos this year showing folks everything you do when working in and around folks homes.

Builds Know, Like and Trust.

I realize you might need a company to help with your YouTube channel and some Consulting on "how" to use.  Or go online and Google search "how to build a youtube  channel"  or "YouTube Help".

Imagine having 30 videos on the second largest Google owned search engine.  Imagine sharing your videos to Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog, Website, Newsletters, Pinterest and Linkedin. Instagram and Vine are other super ways to use video.

Videos do not need to be perfect.. people are looking for good informtion looking for services you provide.

Pest Control Company: Capture help tips when you encounter useful information.  Show termite damage.  Explain why inspection is important.  Once I left our meeting they were excited to start.
They needed some guidance and some consulting for next 3 months. I promise they will be known and found when they start the process.  They did the first two videos and now are going to shoot lots of short clips.  I suggested they tape a index card on the inside review mirror.  Write on Index card Shoot a Video Today of something people would like to see.

I challenge you to search and investigate how much video can help your Small Business.

My Mission is simple I help small business stand out using video online on the second largest Google owned search engine..YouTube.