Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Video is Super Important for Local Small Business

With all the changes Google is making  toward search new factors come into play.  All the recent Google changes in  search have turned SEO companies inside out and will continue as Google weeds out gaming the system.

Why is video important for local small business?  This is the start to leveling the playing field for a local business if they understand how organic search works. Create Videos with tips, how to, introduction (meet the owner), niche service video and top 5 questions potential clients ask.  Build your YouTube channel and connect with your verified Google My Business page or Google + page. Learn to share videos on social sites.  Embed video in a blog ( start a blog)and embed into website. Make sure you hire a person who understands the Google Playbook for Brands using video.  Each Video on YouTube is a standalone website and eachvideo needs optimized for your local service area. If you have long play tips YouTube allows you to set up specific playlist.  Make that long play video into short clips part 1, part 2 etc...

YouTube is Google owned and the second largest search engine. Videos need optimized for local search.

Key to success?  Engagement, watch time, activity ( sharing) makes for relevant content.  Video has a high conversion rate.  Video builds know, like and trust.  Video on a website brings life to text.  Video is eye catching when shared, posted or embed. Did you know that watch time of a video ( length of  time) is the most important ranking factor.

Want a better opportunity for your small business in your local market?  I recommend video. In today's marketing climate "video" is a very effective tactic as part of your marketing plan in  your target market.

I recommend YouTube to clients for the simple reason it's a great place to start  on the second largest search engine

I help small business standout using video on the second largest Google owned search engine YouTube.  YouTube, Social Sites and Target Marketing Consulting

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