Thursday, February 5, 2015

Video Marketing for Small Business On YouTube

While many marketing tactics are necessary for your target market.  Small business need video online as one of the marketing tactics.

YouTube is a great platform for small business to start.  YouTube is second largest search engine and Google owned.  Folks are searching for your products and services right now.  If your business is not on YouTube your competition down the street is.

I spend all my time with small business and 5 things keep small business from using a great marketing tactic.

1.  Not sure where to begin
2.  Camera Shy
3.  Computer skills
4.  Budget
5.  No Time

These top 5 are obstacles however, solutions for each of these are close by.

The starting point is the hardest if we  have no idea how to build a YouTube channel.  I suggest you find a person in your local market or if you like DIY then go to this site and follow the steps.
Link to Google YouTube Help   Hire a consultant ( what I do) to help work through the steps.

Most folks are Camera Shy.  To a certain extent I would say everybody.  The solution map out a 1 minute script I recommend bullet points and use your own way to describe those points. Practice in a mirror.  Buy a $200-$500 video camera and tripod and practice.  Find a local toastmasters and learn the art of timing and speaking in front of folks.  Of course,  the benefit it  helps with public speaking skills and  standing in front of the camera.

Computer skills within this marketing tactic. Learning how to upload, share, add to blogs, hyperlink, add to emails etc.. Tons of places to share a video from YouTube.

Budget is a huge concern for small business. Limited resources for video capture especially if committed to the process.  Again, learn to shoot videos with your Smart Phone/iPhone.  Outsource your editing to somebody local. The cost for capturing short videos is within most small business budgets.  Side note.. Talking about short video clips not studio production. Besides, YouTube is about being your authentic self.

No time. This is the biggest of all on  list mentioned above.  Small business have lots of tasking everyday.  When I started working with small business I realized a very small niche and the "no time"
was the very model why I built my product.  Time management is critical in today's small business.  Solution. Outsource.  Might need to search and do some asking around who is a trusted person/company.

Video has a very high conversion rate and is great for using in a local market to expand your brand. Eyeballs love video.  Do not let the "List of 5" keep you from starting. Why? Because many small business accomplished overcoming the "List of 5" are doing very well using video on YouTube.

I help small business stand out using video online on the second largest search engine Google owned YouTube.

I serve clients in  Austin Texas