Monday, May 13, 2013

Video Marketing Checklist For Small Business

Remember those famous words spoken from Apollo 13. "Houston we have a Problem" .  The rest of the flight was about strategy to make it home.  Focused decisions and each one critical for survival.

Each step your business makes for marketing video is determined by  your "target market".  I speak from tons of time helping clients establish marketing goals using video.

We all know that Social Networks are here to stay.  We know they help provide avenues to push instant information to potential clients and build our brand.

Once you determine the all important  "Target Market" then the process for developing what works marketing your video's will keep the  "hey we have a problem" message on the shelve.

 1. Learn "How" folks search for your business, product etc...  Start typing in searches and see what appears and watch videos of other related business. Some of these searches could make excellent titles for your video's

2. Build a YouTube Channel.  The ability to share and embed is important.

3. Edit videos for a  professional look.  YouTube Cards ( links), end of video annotations,  custom thumbnails and audio library.

4. Embed video on your website.  Example:  Develop video's centered on top 5 questions your clients or potential customers ask. Embed on proper page.  Set a goal to develop 2 video's a month keep content coming.  Activity and Engagement.

5.  Make your point.. Don't be that car "rambler"..

6. Understand your social networks and understand one video for one may not work as well on another one.

7. Ask your social network friends for help. Would you please share my video's I am going out of business.
Kidding!  I started video marketing and would you mind sharing this with some friends which,  need my service/product.

8. Most of all make your videos personal and tell brief stories.  Example:  I was doing video for a business that organizes family photo's.  She was showing off a  very cool box  for organizing photo's.  This meant a lot to me when I was rounding up "my family" photo's ( personal).

9.   Learn the 4 basics ( narrowed down).  Video Capture, Converting, Basic Editing and  Tagging for search.

10.  Have fun.. Your producing Content.