Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Create a Playlist with Long Play Video On YouTube

Folks are realizing the importance of video recording seminars and workshops.  Today's savvy business folks are realizing the power of recording and then publishing to a video platform.

While long play video may be good for movies and TV shows it may not be so good for long workshops or seminars.  I might have a great solution.

If you have a YouTube channel you might consider dividing up your seminars and workshops into shorter clips and adding a powerful tool on YouTube called a playlist.

These steps will help guide you.

Review your seminar.
Look for break points
Keep clips short to the point.  (editing will help)
Hire a editor and have the editor create clips at those break points
Title each break point and make that a part 1 etc.. until you have a whole series of segments.
Each segment should have a intro. Right before a part finishes tease your viewers by adding a title next up we talk about..

Once your segments are edited and reviewed then start uploading to YouTube.
During upload YouTube allows you to create a name for your playlist.
When you upload another segment add video to the playlist you created.
Once all your segments are uploaded to the playlist  all the videos will play in order.

This will help divide up your seminar or workshop and allow important points to play in segments.
To increase traffic create a short trailer and use the trailer for introduction to  the playlist.

Each playlist has a URL.  Make your playlist public, private or unlisted.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Video is Super Important for Local Small Business

With all the changes Google is making  toward search new factors come into play.  All the recent Google changes in  search have turned SEO companies inside out and will continue as Google weeds out gaming the system.

Why is video important for local small business?  This is the start to leveling the playing field for a local business if they understand how organic search works. Create Videos with tips, how to, introduction (meet the owner), niche service video and top 5 questions potential clients ask.  Build your YouTube channel and connect with your verified Google My Business page or Google + page. Learn to share videos on social sites.  Embed video in a blog ( start a blog)and embed into website. Make sure you hire a person who understands the Google Playbook for Brands using video.  Each Video on YouTube is a standalone website and eachvideo needs optimized for your local service area. If you have long play tips YouTube allows you to set up specific playlist.  Make that long play video into short clips part 1, part 2 etc...

YouTube is Google owned and the second largest search engine. Videos need optimized for local search.

Key to success?  Engagement, watch time, activity ( sharing) makes for relevant content.  Video has a high conversion rate.  Video builds know, like and trust.  Video on a website brings life to text.  Video is eye catching when shared, posted or embed. Did you know that watch time of a video ( length of  time) is the most important ranking factor.

Want a better opportunity for your small business in your local market?  I recommend video. In today's marketing climate "video" is a very effective tactic as part of your marketing plan in  your target market.

I recommend YouTube to clients for the simple reason it's a great place to start  on the second largest search engine

I help small business standout using video on the second largest Google owned search engine YouTube.  YouTube, Social Sites and Target Marketing Consulting

Creative, Vision,  Innovation

Monday, October 6, 2014

Producing Videos for Small Business In Your Local Market

YouTube is the second largest Google owned search engine.  In a recent article suggested it is now one of the largest social networks along with Facebook.

How is my local business found on YouTube?  Great question.  Google is designed to keep search local as possible.

How to make your videos local?

1.  Make sure your title reflects the content of video.  Adding your business name to title or check out my video will not produce good results.  Why?  Most folks will not the know name of your business and they are probably typing in something like "auto repair shops in round rock"  Then google goes to work looking for best matches according to your search.  Now days tons of people are searching for videos on  Folks are using the search box on YouTube.  If your video is titled "Auto Repair Round Rock"  And video is about Auto Repair in Round Rock then you have a great chance of being found on YouTube.

One of my Clients is Jerrys Garage in Round Rock Texas.  Below is a screen shot search on YouTube.

Notice titles reflect what videos are about. We want folks to know we serve Customers in Round Rock.  Jerrys Garage channel is into it's third year. Thirty videos and more on the way. A great example of how videos for your small business are found in local search.

Google now has Ad Words for YouTube videos. You can sign up on your YouTube channel.  Since video snippets create great attention this is a  great way to advertise your local business using video.

Todd Frank ( owner). We continue to make videos that appeal to "tips", "how to" and "problems" we see with autos we service.  YouTube has brought many new customers. We hear this all the time! Your the guy on YouTube.

Other Tips:

Add your brand inside video
Verify Your channel
Add titles on Video ( website-contact number)
Add website link in description box
Describe content of  video in description box.
Use advanced settings
Add annotations to videos
Link inside of video
Add custom thumbnails to build brand.
Add keywords ( tags)

Push your videos to your social sites, blogs, newsletters, embed on website. Watch your YouTube analytics for videos that work and which ones need replaced or updated.  Activity, engagement and watch time are good benchmarks.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How To Share Video to Your Target Market on Google My Business

Why is the Google My Business such a great place to target your potential clients? Unlike other social sites Google allows you to create circles and you can share "private" messages to those circles.

In my case I have a "Client Circle", "Potential Clients" and "Radio Sponsors". I have some other circles those I follow and my outsource team."Potential Clients have shown interest at one time and I stay in touch  by dripping information. These  include folks once proposed,  one to one's and  part of my tickler system.

 How does this work? I use this link from Google . I record a message and upload to YouTube and select unlisted. This means it's hidden.

I create video for my Client Circles  for updates  and new products. Other videos are created for my Potential Clients.  Once the video is on YouTube I copy the link.  If you use a unlisted link Google will remind you a unlisted link can be shared by others.  Copy Link using Share button under the video. Go to Google My Business Page and add link in new post and I choose the circle I created "Potential Clients" (private). Do not click public or if you see Public in share section click x and remove.

The video is directed at my target market with a direct appeal to my "Potential Clients".  One more step is required if you wish to make sure your Potential Clients Circle do not share with others.

On your post little arrow down will open pop up menu.  Scroll down and Disable Reshares.  You may create as many circles and target each one with private content.  This is a great way to share your products/services.

Monday, September 8, 2014

YouTube For Small Business

If you ever wondered if YouTube videos about products and services made a impact for your business?  Answer..Yes!

My whole model for small business the last few years.  Add  videos on YouTube about your products,  services and share across your social sites.  Your business stands a good chance of better conversion rate. YouTube is a social site and second largest Google owned search engine.

Folks are searching YouTube for your products and services.  Videos on YouTube that introduce your business products/services will help build a better conversion rate.

With some sweat equity on the front end  and continued engagement you can help your local business.

The benefits of YouTube.  Free Channel. Embed code for websites, blog and newsletters. Provided link for posting on social sites. Audio library of music, Playlist for segmented content. Description box.  Annotations. Video Manager. Editing and more.

Video on YouTube is great way to build engagement and activity on  your social sites.

Link to Study from VentureBeat.  Website is

YouTube has a extensive YouTube Playbook for Brands  Taking advantage of studies like these will help better identify what tactics work for your business.  Video on YouTube continues a great place to show off your business.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Video Marketing and Management of Social Sites

In late July Google search results showed a decline of video snippets in search.  I stressed to clients that target market is single most important way for sharing video for results. Knowing how and where to post in order to maximize results.

For a local business sharing Video content to  local followers on your social sites is a giant step in the right direction.  A structured approach is needed along with  following the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands which, is a comprehensive approach and the right approach.

More small business will need guidance in best approaches for using video on social sites. Not saying total take over and management.  The word guidance is a major key.

Are your videos directed at your target market?
Do they have calls to action.? Visit website or Call
Does your business have a intro video on website?
Do videos address your top 5 questions asked by customers?
Does your business have a thank you video or follow up video?
Does your business share videos for activity and brand on social sites?
Does your business understand best places to share video based on target market?
Does your business have a blog to embed videos?
Does your business realize the power of mobile views?

A small business will benefit greatly mixing video with your normal posting on social sites.  One tactic will not cover all the marketing needs.  Marketing is everything you do before and after receiving your check.

Working with a local firm we posted videos to YouTube. We created a very concise social footprint.  We Started  Ad Words campaign.  Blog and show clients examples how they service clients.    Post a special once a week on a certain day.  Formed a group for followers  post and ask for feed back. They started a Twitter account to post third party articles to support model. They direct folks to website with posting on social sites.

Sales have gone up around 10-15% in last three Months and continuing to grow.  Video was a very important start to the structured process.  Video production continues and is directed at products they service and questions compiled for clients.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Share a Video On Google + to Other Social Sites

Folks not familiar with Google + may not be taking advantage of a very nice tool for sharing a single Google + post to a social site.

Since my niche is video online I uploaded a video to YouTube.  For those of you learning G+ when you upload a video to YouTube it will post once published on your G+ Profile.

The screen shot below shows this video post on my G+ page. This is real simple so in a few steps you can accomplish sharing to your other social sites.

I pointed a arrow line to the type of post.  It must be Shared Publicly in order for a link to be shared.  In the same post is a  #podcast  when you scroll your mouse top right corner a little arrow for a drop down box will appear.  Click on "link to post"  The next screen shot is your link provided for you to copy/paste.

This is great way to share post you think important on your additional social sites. Remember the post must be a " shared publicly" post. Look for the type of post right next to your picture top right.

Additional Tip.. The same process works to embed a post on website and blog.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Google Authorship Snippets Disappear and Video Snippets Show Decline

Gosh Darn.  I hope I can explain this in my own words.  At end of blog supply some links for more understanding. Today my inbox was full with some articles that suggested that Video Snippets are disappearing.

For the longest time I noticed a video posted in a local market on YouTube with the right title and information folks were searching for would show if Google deemed that search inquiry to fit/match what a search inquiry was looking for.  The articles linked below suggest that Google has made some changes and a dip/drop in video snippets whatever you want to call it is showing  to be true.

Google launched Authorship back a while ago.  Authorship results always had your pic next to your article/blog or something you were given credit for. Google decided drop authorship snippet's. One reason was for mobile search.  It seems that according to the articles now video snippets are seeing a drop off.

When I started sharing videos for small business I realized it was best practice to take Googles advice. Use video to target your market not search.  Crazy huh?  I followed what the YouTube Playbook advised.  When I evangelized my small business market I made a point to educate small business about sharing Videos.  Including in website, blogs, newsletters and social sites to make content engaged and relevant. Watch time of video became very important.  

I might be very wrong and feel free to educate me if I am way of base. I was amazed when I would see a video snippet rank high after a short time and right below a sponsored ad.  My first thought was I wonder how the paid sponsors feels about seeing a video snippet ( eye appealing) in organic search right under a paid ad.  My next thought .. Google is going to do something about this in the future.

I also, noticed this uncanny obsessive talk about SEO.  The first thing small business would ask me is about SEO.  I explained need to identify your target market and use tools/marketing weapons to go after your market.  Once you determine direction then start looking  how to improve your search results.  I used video because small business clients could share with friends on social sites and build brand and awareness.

My second observation was Google was and is making changes that better serve what they are a "search engine".  They have rocked the SEO world and continue to do so.

Google has launched tons of hangouts and education and pushing the Google Partners program and lots of folks are becoming  certified for Ad Words.  Google is pushing for paid advertising and will start to create a gap in organic vs paid.  My Thoughts don't scold me:>)  You Know "make money".

My whole business is centered on short clips for small business uploaded to YouTube and helping the business I work with learning to be active with video in the local market they target customers.  I have noticed a few video snippets no longer showing and will start mapping this week.

Finally using Google Webmaster Tools and using on videos will help.

Google is a for profit company.  They want to have very accurate search results and will make what changes they deem important to make this happen.

Please forgive me for not using all the buzz words and sharing my thoughts.  This is why I will add some links below for those far smarter then me.  Some final thoughts Video is one of many tactics to target  market. I will continue using  this very powerful tool.  Lazy marketing efforts will not gain help  your business if your not active going after your target market.  Use video push to friends and share on social sites, website , blogs and newsletters

I will continue to make videos a front line tactic for small business. My Goal is better education for small business clients and the importance of sharing, engagement and activity are super important.

These links will better educate you.  Thank you to these very informed and knowledgeable folks.

Seer Interactive Blog

Sunday, June 29, 2014

YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube  added the Creator Studio to Your Channel.  Once you sign-in and click on Creator Studio you will be taken to a new management page for all your tools and help.  Download through Google Play the YouTube Creator Studio App.  Android for now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Find Video's During Search

You typed in sprinkler repair ( or service you need)  for your local area and the normal web results greeted you.  Did you know you can see the Video results for that same search.

In the image below I highlighted where you will find video's for that same search.

When you search for a service or product I pointed  where videos can be found for the same search.  If you don't find a video "how to " or "product" move over and click on "video" tab.  It might be located under the "more" tab if you never clicked on videos.

Mobile search is manily done on YouTube app.

This may be old news for a lot of you.  Again,  surprised how many folks are not aware of this feature.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Target Your Market Using Video on YouTube

Video is a huge front door to attract, engage and push your business message to your target market. Video  builds know, like and trust.

Etablish a YouTube Channel 

You can try this yourself or hire for completion.  The most important part of YouTube is the ability to Share your videos "anywhere" online.

Convert Q & A on Website to Videos

Add these videos to your website and add to the proper pages inside your site.

Intro Video Home Page Website

Welcome visitors with a very short video.  Finish by asking for a call to action.

Keep Video's Short-Get to the Point.

Make sure your videos do not ramble or drag.  Note: A video watched is a good video.

Have Fun

A simple smile and having fun makes viewers pay attention.

Be Creative

Use props, tell a story.  Think about what your potental clients would like to see.  Sometimes we think about what we like think in terms of customer.


Use video to offer tips and keep educating your clients/potential customers.  If you do not have a blog start one and use video inside your blog.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Video 6 Pack

When I first established my business I thought  small business would jump all over learning how to capture video and  learn to upload for online distribution to a target market.  I was wrong.

Video is and will be a super marketing tactic for your business. If your not using video at this time?  Roll up your sleeves now is the time.

I see lots of blogs and workshops about doing your own videos and learning a process for "do it yourself".  Recently YouTube announced "The Creator Playbook for Brands"

Want to do it right go to the link and read all that needs to be done.  Ask yourself this question? Can I run my business and do all this "time consuming work" and stick to it.

Most folks can shoot a video and upload to YouTube and step one is complete.  Today the engagement, activity and sharing is important  for your business not uploading a video..  One more point Google says produce your video content for your target market not search.  Indeed you can optimize for best advantage. My point producing videos for search is not the reason to create Video.

Here is what is very frustrating.  When folks make you think it is so simple.  Produce videos upload and watch the magic happen.  No Such Thing.  I have over 11 years playing with video online from live streaming to VOD ( video on demand) and nothing easy about learning capture, editing , converting and optimizing a video.  Not including keeping up with a YouTube channel and the changes that happen all the time.

My goal was to create a package with four things to consider working with small business. Will small business make the time to actually do the work.? If I gave a small business a camera and   online Video 101 tutorials would they start.  Exactly where would "I don't know anything begin"?
Budget for all the equipment and Gosh time is money and you will need to set aside time.

You cannot teach experience and the in between stuff you need to know from hands on learning. I went to the white board and created the "video 6 pack for small/medium business.

 I considered the time for small business, not knowing where to start, and budget.  Most important could I make a living with this package.  My package is capturing (6) 1-2 minute videos, consulting on YouTube channel, all the editing, all the converting, uploads and making sure videos are optimized for target market.  Including sitting with business owner and consulting "how to use YouTube and Market Video.  All the info.. website

Videos are produced on site they are "a little better" then you would do.  They build know, like and trust. They shake hands with a potential client and provide info.

 My mission... help your small business with one simple step in the whole process..CALL.  I help small business in the Austin Area stand out using video on the second largest Google owned search engine...YouTube.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Video Marketing on YouTube

Most small business I meet have these comments! I do not understand how Video works? Not sure where to start. No time. Camera Fear. Budget..

Most small business I meet have little or no idea "how" much video can help their business. This means explaining a video plan, target market and "how does video help me"?.

 Who Needs Video?

 Your small/medium local business. Video helps with search on the second largest Google owned Search engine YouTube. Share Informational Videos, Demo Videos, Tips, Fun Facts, Did you Know and Humor if your funny. Email a potential client a intro video right from YouTube. Add QR code video Link to your printed material. Add video to your website for engagement. Embed video in your Blog. Embed video into your Newsletter. Share video to your social networks. Build a following of new clients. Build activity on your social platform. A picture is worth a thousand words a video about million. Replace posted text messages with video tips. People love videos how many did you watch online this week? Build Know, Like and Trust (meet the business owner). Use video's to target a specific market (playlsit). Podcast Video Platform.

Video will help your business. Business will need a video plan. Its not magical like so many companies would lead you to believe. Will require investment in time.

I help small business standout using video online on the second largest Google owned search engine YouTube.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

You Cannot Produce Videos Sitting On Your Rear

Wow!  Not like me to include such a word in the title.  I need your attention and thought maybe this might tempt you to read this blog.

For many the light bulb has not yet gone off.  I cannot believe when I meet with small business how many business owners have no clue "how" important video can work for small busness.

What if I helped you start today? Motivated you to set a goal this year for 30 videos on your very own YouTube channel?

Have a Pocket Camera?
Have a Smart Phone?
Have a iPad

All of these have Video recorders built in with very good video capture.  How many times have you wished you recorded a demo or maybe a tip.  Point and shoot.  Then with the simple ability to share, upload to YouTube and other social network.

Imagine shooting 1 video every 2 weeks and uploading to YouTube. Add the proper title and some other stuff and sharing to your social foot print. Do you think your friends might help share this and recommend your business.  The stats say "yes" they will.

I was in a small town working with a pest control company.  They ask me to produce some videos and help build the YouTube Channel.  They were excited upon arrival and were full of ideas.  I ask if they carried phone with camera?  ( yes).  I ask if they could record and talk about what they were Capturing? (yes).  I ask do you think folks looking for Pest Control service might like to see tips/demos of what you do? ( yes).  I went on to say you could have 30 videos this year showing folks everything you do when working in and around folks homes.

Builds Know, Like and Trust.

I realize you might need a company to help with your YouTube channel and some Consulting on "how" to use.  Or go online and Google search "how to build a youtube  channel"  or "YouTube Help".

Imagine having 30 videos on the second largest Google owned search engine.  Imagine sharing your videos to Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog, Website, Newsletters, Pinterest and Linkedin. Instagram and Vine are other super ways to use video.

Videos do not need to be perfect.. people are looking for good informtion looking for services you provide.

Pest Control Company: Capture help tips when you encounter useful information.  Show termite damage.  Explain why inspection is important.  Once I left our meeting they were excited to start.
They needed some guidance and some consulting for next 3 months. I promise they will be known and found when they start the process.  They did the first two videos and now are going to shoot lots of short clips.  I suggested they tape a index card on the inside review mirror.  Write on Index card Shoot a Video Today of something people would like to see.

I challenge you to search and investigate how much video can help your Small Business.

My Mission is simple I help small business stand out using video online on the second largest Google owned search engine..YouTube.