Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Your Small Business Can Use Video OnLine

The thoughts I share are based on what I see with the clients videos I manage online.  The focus will be on a simple search change made by Google related to Views Vs. Length of Time a Video is viewed.  Read about this change.

Most small business are only concerned with local business and search is geared to local..  This means the energy/efforts for a small business is branding and finding ways for consumers/clients to find the front door.

I wished I could tell you I have all these expert titles on SEO and I have the secret..I do not.
Still though I can share with  you what is happening and the surprise results.  My efforts to help small business is based on short video clips how to's, demos, intro's and very short stories.  Several years ago I noticed very few production companies were helping small business understand how to use  video online.  Once I discovered this gap I developed my first video package and named  the "Video 6 Pack".

Once I meet with a client I recommend the following.  If you want to brand your business using video online I suggest the following.  Make sure these social networks are part of your tools. Website for your business Twitter, Facebook Personal and Business Page, Linkedin, Google +, YouTube and  Pinterest.  Consider a dashboard like hootsuite or tweetdeck.   Set up a Constant Contact or one of the email marketing sites.  Start a blog.

Your local business is now set up to begin your journey using online video.  YouTube is adding some fantastic tools and part of working with a client is first customizing the channel and teaching clients "how to" utilize all the tools.

Once you have some videos the next step is pushing these out to your social networks.  You can help your cause by asking folks to "help" you.  A good intro to help share..My new video please share with others who you think could benefit using my business/service..  The key is activity keep pushing your videos to your social networks.  Make sure you embed Video/Video's on your website.

Not sure what Video's?  Take five of your most ask questions by your customers/clients about your business and convert to video.

I manage lots of small business YouTube channels and those local business are doing well in search results.  My secret..follow Google rules proper titles designed for local search.  Make sure you describe your video and link your website in description box.  Add proper Keywords ( tags) and make sure they relate to video.  Share those video's YouTube continues adding very nice tools.  If you want to keep up with YouTube set up a Google Alert.

How can your small business benefit using video online?  Establish how to clips,   demos and have a nice intro video.  Start sharing and direct folks to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Comment others videos and share.  They will  do the same.  Ask folks for help  introducing  your videos on their social networks. Once a week share a video ( new) or update one to your social networks.  Embed video on your website, blogs and newsletters.  Trends for Small Business Video Online.

Help yourself by helping  others with posting their content.  Every time you can like, share, 1+,  comment and  tweet  those folks will return the favor.  I like to post trends about online video in  my tweets to build the case for  "why" what I do.

I help small business owners with cost effective branding using video online. My Page has my connections to my social networks.  Keep your business video's short and compelling be creative and remember length watched is better for search then views.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some YouTube Screen Shots

YouTube is rolling out lots of changes including a new look to the channel page  and some are seeing this now.  Today I will focus on other changes some are new some were recently new updates.

YouTube is fast becoming a real  personal online TV Station for your business.  Video is dominating the web and if you research the statistics video for your small business is a benefit.

I once said t looked like Google was going to make Google + a facilitator for all Google.  Some of you may have noticed YouTube requesting  you change your channel name to your personal name.  The screen shot below explains this.

Once I changed my channel name it merged my Google + and YouTube connection above.  YouTube does give you an option to leave your business name however,  you will not connect your Google +.  My personal thoughts... change to your name and merge.  I imagine indexing will help connect the dots with your content.  YouTube does allow choice.

The next screen shot deals with a new feature called InVideo Programming.  This is considered a video branding feature.  You can add a picture Logo etc.. or capture a video to add to all your videos.  One of my clients is going to record a 10 sec video at the end of each video.Thanks for watching my channel please subscribe before leaving.. You can develop your own message for all your videos and decide where to place inside your videos.

Once on channel click on Video Manager then settings.  The brief Video Below will show the steps to brand  your videos.

The next interesting screen I discovered while uploading some videos last week.  Caption Certification.  FCC ruled that closed caption needed to be added to TV and rules were designed for closed caption on certain content played on certain stuff.  So you have choices on checking which, one your videos fall under.

When you upload video and click on Advanced Settings this is located bottom left.  Drop down box allows you to choose a option for your video.

If you want YouTube to Associate Your Website then you will need to first become a partner and verify your website.  This will help with search and some tech help may be needed for this step.  I found a great article  if you want to read about Click Here

Above  is the screen Shot for Associating your website.  This is highly recommended and you can sign up for partner program on YouTube and some requirements must be met to become a partner.

The last screen shot shows how to add annotations to your Videos on your YouTube channel.  Titles, speech bubbles, notes and some other annotations.

Deep below the surface of YouTube are features that will help enhance and build your brand for your small business.  I did not feature all the steps I simply wanted to show you some newer features.

I help small business owners with cost effective branding with Video Online.   Lots of features for free and mastering your videos in your local market will bring huge branding benefits for your business.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network

On April 17, 2012 the Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast will begin to Broadcasting  every Tuesday night 7-8PM ( CST) for the next 41 weeks.  The Internet Station will cover local business in the Austin Texas area.  Each show will be dedicated for a single business.

Many small business are looking for guidance and ideas in today's shifting business climate.  Show segments will cover how the business  started, some challenges they face, the use of social networks and marketing ideas.  Of course, in a light fun format.  Hopefully this will help other business gain some ideas and help individuals starting a business in today's economic climate.

Guest business will include social network experts, traditional business, at home business, online business and surprise guest. ThirtyFive business are committed for live broadcast

The shows are archived and converted to MP3.  The MP3 will be hosted (podcast) for on demand, download, embed and sharing on Social Networks.

The shows are sponsored and the "exclusive sponsor" will have shout outs every 15 minutes during all live shows.  The archive will include the sponsor message.  The sponsor has covered all the cost for live shows.  The first Live show on April 17, 2012 will feature the Sponsor on the Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network .

If you are small/medium business interested in being a guest on one of shows?  The Website Contact Page.   In subject line add "Live Show"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Local Business Network Group Discovers YouTube

In any part of any major city, town or a local community somewhere small business owners are meeting  exchanging  leads and driving referrals to business within the network group. One such group is located in Georgetown Texas.  Meet the Board of Directors networking group of Small Business who meet weekly at the local Mel's Lone Star Lanes.

What Makes this group of 30 members and growing unique?

The actual meeting is one part of how they help each other.  They other is a Facebook Group page for members.  Now enter 2 more ways members help each other.

Enter YouTube and Micro Pages on website. The website Board of Directors members page is now offering "Intro Micro Pages" with Bio, Contact Info and Video Clips for each business. Each member for $25.00 per year $10.00 per month  have a highlighted Micro Page.  The webmaster  further increased the value by highlighting those members participating and adding a link to the YouTube channel.

In December 2011 they created the "bodnetworking" Members pay $25.00 to have a very short intro added to the Channel. Several business are added daily. YouTube Channel Members have the ability to push a service/product intro to their business potential new clients. Members can post the videos to friends in social networks asking friends to share on.  

Video is fast becoming the front door for many small business.  Small business can drive traffic to  local markets using video on social networks and have fellow business members sharing a product/service.

Hurdie Burk specializes in helping small business with all online video.