Monday, August 25, 2014

Video Marketing and Management of Social Sites

In late July Google search results showed a decline of video snippets in search.  I stressed to clients that target market is single most important way for sharing video for results. Knowing how and where to post in order to maximize results.

For a local business sharing Video content to  local followers on your social sites is a giant step in the right direction.  A structured approach is needed along with  following the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands which, is a comprehensive approach and the right approach.

More small business will need guidance in best approaches for using video on social sites. Not saying total take over and management.  The word guidance is a major key.

Are your videos directed at your target market?
Do they have calls to action.? Visit website or Call
Does your business have a intro video on website?
Do videos address your top 5 questions asked by customers?
Does your business have a thank you video or follow up video?
Does your business share videos for activity and brand on social sites?
Does your business understand best places to share video based on target market?
Does your business have a blog to embed videos?
Does your business realize the power of mobile views?

A small business will benefit greatly mixing video with your normal posting on social sites.  One tactic will not cover all the marketing needs.  Marketing is everything you do before and after receiving your check.

Working with a local firm we posted videos to YouTube. We created a very concise social footprint.  We Started  Ad Words campaign.  Blog and show clients examples how they service clients.    Post a special once a week on a certain day.  Formed a group for followers  post and ask for feed back. They started a Twitter account to post third party articles to support model. They direct folks to website with posting on social sites.

Sales have gone up around 10-15% in last three Months and continuing to grow.  Video was a very important start to the structured process.  Video production continues and is directed at products they service and questions compiled for clients.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Share a Video On Google + to Other Social Sites

Folks not familiar with Google + may not be taking advantage of a very nice tool for sharing a single Google + post to a social site.

Since my niche is video online I uploaded a video to YouTube.  For those of you learning G+ when you upload a video to YouTube it will post once published on your G+ Profile.

The screen shot below shows this video post on my G+ page. This is real simple so in a few steps you can accomplish sharing to your other social sites.

I pointed a arrow line to the type of post.  It must be Shared Publicly in order for a link to be shared.  In the same post is a  #podcast  when you scroll your mouse top right corner a little arrow for a drop down box will appear.  Click on "link to post"  The next screen shot is your link provided for you to copy/paste.

This is great way to share post you think important on your additional social sites. Remember the post must be a " shared publicly" post. Look for the type of post right next to your picture top right.

Additional Tip.. The same process works to embed a post on website and blog.