Sunday, June 23, 2013

Small Business Video Marketing Online

When asking small business today how they gain Customer Attention some head scratching and some er umm's sum up today's battle.  Old tactics and old marketing techniques are not winning the battle. Today's language is composed of actions, engagement, participation, collaboration, sharing, 1+, likes, video and blogs.

Several years ago I remember,  thinking is social networking stuff going to stick?  In the early days very few social networks were designed for business.  Now days business use social networking for  brand , engagement, and lead generation..  How can a small/medium business gain customer attention?

If you want some eyeball reading  Google-Think Insights Published June 13 and written by Abigail Posner.  New terms like Gen C. Describing who and what a Gen C looks like, acts like, the mind set and how they engage.

My niche within social networking is helping small business owners with cost effective branding, lead generation and search using video online.  Video is a powerful weapon for engaging customer attention.  Giselle Abramovich compiled some stats in his article 15 stats brands should know about online video.

If you own small/medium business pay attention to video. Research indicated several years ago short clips 1-3 minutes would keep attention and these should be personal, good, and make a point with a call to action.  Problem small business owners had no time, did not know where to begin and video was expensive.  Today business owners are very busy (no time) and not sure where to begin however, video production is very affordable.

One such client in auto repair realized the need to gain customer attention.  Jerry's Garage located in Round Rock Texas decided to add YouTube Video's as one of his marketing weapons. Top Notch Irrigation located in Georgetown Texas is using onsite repair video's to gain customer attention.

The battle for consumer attention should "include" video. Notice the word include not exclusive.
Think engagement. Want to win this battle for customer attention engage, participate and learn to share. One concept that will never die in marketing.  Help others obtain what they need.

Think Video for Consumer Attention.

By: Hurdie Burk
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