Saturday, April 25, 2015

Any Firm Promising First Page Google Ranking Using Video on YouTube...Run

The point for posting is pure frustration.  

For years I have worked with Local Business with consulting on YouTube and Social Marketing. Providing short clips that business clients can share to social sites, blogs, websites, newsletters and push those videos to a Target Market.

I do not promise any ranking for videos and I follow the YouTube Playbook.  It's  frustrating when marketing companies take advantage of business "promising"  Google first page ranking   posting video on YouTube.  

Marketing is not easy.  Branding in today's market is not easy.  Developing a target market is not easy.  Working your business in today's noisy social market will utilize many  marketing tactics.

First of all Google does not promise any ranking period especially first page.  This  means Organic and Paid Advertising.   Matter of fact here is the link to what Google makes very clear. Do you need SEO.  There are good hard working B2B business consultants which,  will work you through a real marketing process not promises.

If Google does not promise first page then why are so many so called experts promising these results? And why can they?  Do not explore your target market?  Matter of fact will promise on first phone call.   Many small business  are mad and  turned off  by the many calls they receive from companies  promising first page.  Some marketing firms  even disguise themselves as Google when in fact they are not.

When you hear  a marketing firm offer your business easy steps to ranking using video on YouTube or receive any calls saying we Guarantee you first page for a certain monthly fee.. I have a simple suggestion.  R..U..N..

The includes organic and paid ad's online.  Google YouTube considers watch time the most important benchmark for a video not views.  

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