Saturday, June 24, 2017

How To Create YouTube End of Screen Annotations Card

Google made some changes on YouTube.   Annotations were added several years ago.  Add Titles, speech bubbles and other fun stuff.  Now replaced with  End Of Video Annotations.

Go to Videos. Click on one of your videos then Video manager.

Once on video manager click at top of page end screen & annotations,  Then click on Add Elements.
The landing area within the video will highlight with a square.  Above the video chose template and location.

Once you have the end screen annotations chosen.  Make sure you Save,
These end of screen annotations will link to another video or the element you chose and will pop up inside video when 20 seconds is left on video.

Screen shot shows what the end screen annotations looks to the viewer.

Monday, March 20, 2017

YouTube Cards Link Video Inside YouTube Videos

YouTube cards were launched sometime ago. Yet I have many folks telling me they did know how to use or what they do.

I will include a screen shot below.   If you have a YouTube channel go to video manager click edit on one of your videos and then cards top of the page.

Below is the ways to link a YouTube Card inside a video.  You can add a Video Playlist, Promote another Channel, Donations To a Non-profit of your choice, take polls or link your website.

Below is a screen shot of a card linked inside the video.

Help your channel and next time you upload add a card.

PS:  Under channel settings then advanced make sure you asscociate your website on your channel to link your website card.