Friday, December 9, 2011

Jump Start Your Small Business With Video On YouTube

Why do you not have video online?  The question is very simple the answers are long.  I will attempt the shortest overview I can muster.

My traditional sources work great.
I have no idea where to start.
The cost.
No time.

My initial focus on video for business was live steaming.  I mastered it in the days when "streaming was not cool"   it was hard, you needed lots of equipment etc..  this was all the way back in the year 2000. Those of you who tread this path know of what I speak.

With the creation of YouTube my whole focus changed.  I started watching the trends and realized a fantastic opportunity presented itself.   I went and ask for proposals for a video shoot to create a video for my business for Upload to YouTube.  I was quoted  $500-$3000 for a single video.   My first impression was "Wow" how will any small business  use video online?

That quote jump started more trend studies and research. Small business have small budgets and will not spend this kind of money for a single video for placement online.  Production Companies  beat each other up quoting against each other for those larger companies that can afford to pay for higher production.  So small business is ignored.  Or Mr/Mrs. Small Business go figure it out.

About the time I decided there was no money "in them there hills"  out came the Flip Pocket Camera HD.  I was floored. the business model I was working on required low cost equipment with HQ video.  I was in business.  I could throw out low cost videos for small business and help small business begin the journey with video online.

Of the four items listed above the number one reason small business do not take advantage is "have no idea how to start/begin"  and cost concerns.  So one of my first videos to capture this market was Video 6 Pack. I lack creativity on my own stuff however, as you will see some other videos will follow.  I pulled this out of the archives and added to YouTube a few days ago.

I started a series "Get Your Geek On"  backwards ball cap and just talk about video basics.  I do one a week and upload to YouTube.

The "Video 6 Pack" is my number one selling product and is filling a niche everybody thought could not pay the bills.  The beauty of the model it allows me to train/consult to small business.  The goal for small business "push your video to your customer".  Improve SEO Google loves video.

One Item  I learned was "kiss" ( keep it simple stupid) a message posted on a 3x5 card right above my computer.  Logo at front and end of video and website URL as subtitle.

 My first blog.  I specialize in helping Small/Medium business with all online video.  I consult to small companies needing assistance  starting the video journey.