Monday, February 6, 2012

Local Business Network Group Discovers YouTube

In any part of any major city, town or a local community somewhere small business owners are meeting  exchanging  leads and driving referrals to business within the network group. One such group is located in Georgetown Texas.  Meet the Board of Directors networking group of Small Business who meet weekly at the local Mel's Lone Star Lanes.

What Makes this group of 30 members and growing unique?

The actual meeting is one part of how they help each other.  They other is a Facebook Group page for members.  Now enter 2 more ways members help each other.

Enter YouTube and Micro Pages on website. The website Board of Directors members page is now offering "Intro Micro Pages" with Bio, Contact Info and Video Clips for each business. Each member for $25.00 per year $10.00 per month  have a highlighted Micro Page.  The webmaster  further increased the value by highlighting those members participating and adding a link to the YouTube channel.

In December 2011 they created the "bodnetworking" Members pay $25.00 to have a very short intro added to the Channel. Several business are added daily. YouTube Channel Members have the ability to push a service/product intro to their business potential new clients. Members can post the videos to friends in social networks asking friends to share on.  

Video is fast becoming the front door for many small business.  Small business can drive traffic to  local markets using video on social networks and have fellow business members sharing a product/service.

Hurdie Burk specializes in helping small business with all online video.