Sunday, January 27, 2013

Converted My Online Radio Station to Google Hangouts

My Online Radio Station live shows were steaming live audio through a windows server farm.   The market fragmentation meant so many folks were not able to access the live broadcast.

I looked at some other portals and considered moving the Internet Radio Station.   Decided to look at Google Hangouts.

My normal process on my Internet Radio Station was broadcast live and then after the show convert the wma to mp3 and then upload my mp3 to  The Kiwi site allows me to host each mp3 show and creates a single page for each show.  Folks can download the show, share to social networks, blogs  and embed the player or link to websites.  One of the Show pages located on

I started playing around with Google Hangouts realized I could cut the camera off and do my audio only show.   What I liked about Hangouts the live show is broadcasting on my G+ page and YouTube.  The internet show is archiving to YouTube during live show.

I can do several things with my Internet Radio Shows using Google Hangouts.

1.  Broadcast Live Audio Only.
2.  Once Live Show is Complete. Go back to YouTube sign in and under video manager click on that archive then edit  open the show with its black screen and go to annotations and add  Hurdie Burk Intenet Broadcast Network and drag that through the time line of the show so no black screen is present. Or add  pictures.
3. Download the video file ( it's audio but is a video file) to my hard drive. Use my converter to capture audio only and then edit and convert to mp3.
4. I Upload to ( link to same show above audio only)  so folks can share the audio file. This means the show is located on YouTube and  Both have share capabilities.
5. Listen to archive on YouTube.

Today's tools allow for creativity and with a little know how one can figure ways to utilize services which, a few years ago did not exist.

I help small business owners with cost effective branding using video online.

Hurdie Burk