Monday, February 11, 2013

Tips for Using Video On YouTube

These are a few tips learned from working with small business using video online.

Build your Brand

With all the tools YouTube offers now is the time for building  your own content.  No middle man advertiser required.  Figure out your target demographic.  Create video content that allows folks to meet you before they meet you.   Use video to help solve problems for clients.  Create videos about questions clients ask consistently.

Tell Your Story

Create short story video clips.  How we started our business.  How we help customers. These build trust and emotional involvement.  Stories are personal... ad's are not.  Develop a very nice short intro video.

Product Demo/Promote Product

Demo your product on video.  Show "what it does" offer a "call to action tip" to solve a problem or issue.  Lots of "how to" videos are good.  How to do something  is a very large search on Google. Promotion is about a call to action and all video's need a  "I want you to do this" . Would you help share this video to your friends.  Visit my website for more information.  Contact me.

Short Clips 

 Most folks are looking for something are searching quickly for solutions or answers stay on  point.  Be upbeat but not hyper.  Smile.  If your reading a script practice and record before doing the actual clip.  Keep message on target.  If you have more then 2 points say this up front.  Here are two things you need to know about ( fill in blank).  Make sure you have some subtitle on video and use YouTube Cards. Music is nice and make sure it's not copyrighted and is legal to use. I buy from  Use a transcription service if you like. Or use YouTube audio library.

Search Engine 

Video is more likely to move up faster in search.  Titles are important. Keyword tags are important.
Activity is important.  Adding your videos to your website, newsletters, blogs and sharing with your social networks helps.

YouTube Channel and Sharing

Your very own TV station online.  Each video is an extension of your business and mini website.  You have the ability to share to all your social networks. Others who visit your YouTube channel can subscribe and share your content.

These easy video tips will help with your online video.  Not sure where to start.  Visit sites that teach  basics on video capture.  Same holds true for creating your YouTube channel.

I help small business owners with cost effective branding using video online.

Hurdie Burk