Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Video 6 Pack

When I first established my business I thought  small business would jump all over learning how to capture video and  learn to upload for online distribution to a target market.  I was wrong.

Video is and will be a super marketing tactic for your business. If your not using video at this time?  Roll up your sleeves now is the time.

I see lots of blogs and workshops about doing your own videos and learning a process for "do it yourself".  Recently YouTube announced "The Creator Playbook for Brands"

Want to do it right go to the link and read all that needs to be done.  Ask yourself this question? Can I run my business and do all this "time consuming work" and stick to it.

Most folks can shoot a video and upload to YouTube and step one is complete.  Today the engagement, activity and sharing is important  for your business not uploading a video..  One more point Google says produce your video content for your target market not search.  Indeed you can optimize for best advantage. My point producing videos for search is not the reason to create Video.

Here is what is very frustrating.  When folks make you think it is so simple.  Produce videos upload and watch the magic happen.  No Such Thing.  I have over 11 years playing with video online from live streaming to VOD ( video on demand) and nothing easy about learning capture, editing , converting and optimizing a video.  Not including keeping up with a YouTube channel and the changes that happen all the time.

My goal was to create a package with four things to consider working with small business. Will small business make the time to actually do the work.? If I gave a small business a camera and   online Video 101 tutorials would they start.  Exactly where would "I don't know anything begin"?
Budget for all the equipment and Gosh time is money and you will need to set aside time.

You cannot teach experience and the in between stuff you need to know from hands on learning. I went to the white board and created the "video 6 pack for small/medium business.

 I considered the time for small business, not knowing where to start, and budget.  Most important could I make a living with this package.  My package is capturing (6) 1-2 minute videos, consulting on YouTube channel, all the editing, all the converting, uploads and making sure videos are optimized for target market.  Including sitting with business owner and consulting "how to use YouTube and Market Video.  All the info.. website

Videos are produced on site they are "a little better" then you would do.  They build know, like and trust. They shake hands with a potential client and provide info.

 My mission... help your small business with one simple step in the whole process..CALL.  I help small business in the Austin Area stand out using video on the second largest Google owned search engine...YouTube.