Monday, October 6, 2014

Producing Videos for Small Business In Your Local Market

YouTube is the second largest Google owned search engine.  In a recent article suggested it is now one of the largest social networks along with Facebook.

How is my local business found on YouTube?  Great question.  Google is designed to keep search local as possible.

How to make your videos local?

1.  Make sure your title reflects the content of video.  Adding your business name to title or check out my video will not produce good results.  Why?  Most folks will not the know name of your business and they are probably typing in something like "auto repair shops in round rock"  Then google goes to work looking for best matches according to your search.  Now days tons of people are searching for videos on  Folks are using the search box on YouTube.  If your video is titled "Auto Repair Round Rock"  And video is about Auto Repair in Round Rock then you have a great chance of being found on YouTube.

One of my Clients is Jerrys Garage in Round Rock Texas.  Below is a screen shot search on YouTube.

Notice titles reflect what videos are about. We want folks to know we serve Customers in Round Rock.  Jerrys Garage channel is into it's third year. Thirty videos and more on the way. A great example of how videos for your small business are found in local search.

Google now has Ad Words for YouTube videos. You can sign up on your YouTube channel.  Since video snippets create great attention this is a  great way to advertise your local business using video.

Todd Frank ( owner). We continue to make videos that appeal to "tips", "how to" and "problems" we see with autos we service.  YouTube has brought many new customers. We hear this all the time! Your the guy on YouTube.

Other Tips:

Add your brand inside video
Verify Your channel
Add titles on Video ( website-contact number)
Add website link in description box
Describe content of  video in description box.
Use advanced settings
Add annotations to videos
Link inside of video
Add custom thumbnails to build brand.
Add keywords ( tags)

Push your videos to your social sites, blogs, newsletters, embed on website. Watch your YouTube analytics for videos that work and which ones need replaced or updated.  Activity, engagement and watch time are good benchmarks.