Monday, December 7, 2015

Have Some Fun Unboxing Your Gifts on YouTube

Everybody loves watching folks take apart a wrapped gift.  Oh,  what's  inside.  Not my ordinary blog let's have some fun.

Shoot video of some family members on Christmas day opening and gift and describe it. Capture up close.  Then post to YouTube.  Not only will others see it they might decide to share or buy.

Have a product your pushing for Christmas.  Wrap it up and unbox it describing the product and how it works or show it.  Upload to YouTube and share away.

Be creative.  Hint.. Toys are huge!

Have Fun...

I help business stuck or confused how to market online.  I consult with established business. As a catalyst I bring out of the boxthinking,  a new energy and a marketing punch.

One such area is best practices for using video online.