Sunday, March 2, 2014

Video Marketing..Who Needs It?

Most small business I meet have these comments! I do not understand how Video works? Not sure where to start? No time? I do not want to be on Camera (Fear). The budget is in the mix however, the comments above are more important.

Most small business I meet have little or no idea "how" much video can help their business. This means explaining a video plan, target market and "how does video help me"?.

 Who Needs Video?

 Your small/medium local business. Video helps with search on the second largest Google owned Search engine YouTube. Share Informational Videos, Demo Videos, Tips, Fun Facts, Did you Know and Humor if your funny. Email a potential client a intro video right from YouTube. Add QR code video Link to your printed material. Add video to your website for engagement. Embed video in your Blog. Embed video into your Newsletter. Share video to your social networks. Build a following of new clients. Build activity on your social platform. A picture is worth a thousand words a video about million. Replace posted text messages with video tips. People love videos how many did you watch online this week? Build Know, Like and Trust (meet the business owner). Use video's to target a specific market (playlsit). Podcast Video Platform.

 JW Warr with American Note Warehouse sells Small Discount Mortgage Notes. When we met he was very careful and stated I do not believe Videos will help my business. His YouTube channel is now a little over a year old. We managed to take a very difficult concept and build  with short video clips.  JW Warr YouTube Channel 

 Video will help your business. Business will need a video plan. Its not magical like so many companies would lead you to believe. Will require investment in time.

 My mission is simple I help small business standout using video online on the second largest Google owned search engine YouTube.