Thursday, May 5, 2016

Live Video Streaming From Your Mobile Device a Hot Trend

In early 2000 we were streaming live video when streaming was not cool.

High end processors, cheap storage, larger bandwidth pipes and mobile devices with apps have changed the above to plain fun!

Facebook, YouTube and Periscope changes the way we use video to tell our personal and business stories.

One of our tag lines in the old days "on air anywhere"  and this is so true today.

Periscope is connected to Twitter. Facebook Live is located in your Personal Page, Business Page and Groups.  YouTube is through the YouTube App.  YouTube app will allow you to record until your channel reaches 10,000 views. Then YouTube will offer live.  

These instant moments are captured live and then archived. Great marketing tactic for business.

Live video means the mobile device can capture instant moments and reach the social platform.  Engagement and sharing become part of the content reach.

Business which,  pay attention to what customers look for can meet online with instant moments your business creates.

Build your brand and gain visibility for your business. Do not ignore the possibilities of Live Vid