Thursday, May 5, 2016

Live Video Streaming From Your Mobile Device a Hot Trend

In early 2000 we were streaming live video when streaming was not cool. Maybe,  I should be honest we were attempting to stream live video.  Pulling your hair was common.

Fast forward.. High end processors, cheap storage, larger bandwidth pipes and mobile devices with apps have changed the above to plain fun!

Consider this Periscope and now Facebook Live are changing the way we use video to tell our personal and business stories.  I cannot leave out Google who promise Google Connect is coming soon.

The idea blows my mind when I consider how far in a short time we are using apps that stream good looking video where you are.  One of  our tag lines in the old days was on air anywhere and this is so true today.

Just so you know Periscope is connected to Twitter and FaceBook Live is located in your Personal Page, Business Page, Groups and I think Events.

These instant moments are captured live and then archived. Great marketing tactic for business.

I realize Google is a little behind but imagine however, the idea of streaming live on YouTube channel and the ability to distribute to  social platforms.  On air any where is just plain cool.