Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network

On April 17, 2012 the Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast will begin to Broadcasting  every Tuesday night 7-8PM ( CST) for the next 41 weeks.  The Internet Station will cover local business in the Austin Texas area.  Each show will be dedicated for a single business.

Many small business are looking for guidance and ideas in today's shifting business climate.  Show segments will cover how the business  started, some challenges they face, the use of social networks and marketing ideas.  Of course, in a light fun format.  Hopefully this will help other business gain some ideas and help individuals starting a business in today's economic climate.

Guest business will include social network experts, traditional business, at home business, online business and surprise guest. ThirtyFive business are committed for live broadcast

The shows are archived and converted to MP3.  The MP3 will be hosted (podcast) for on demand, download, embed and sharing on Social Networks.

The shows are sponsored and the "exclusive sponsor" will have shout outs every 15 minutes during all live shows.  The archive will include the sponsor message.  The sponsor has covered all the cost for live shows.  The first Live show on April 17, 2012 will feature the Sponsor on the Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network .

If you are small/medium business interested in being a guest on one of shows?  The Website Contact Page.   In subject line add "Live Show"