Sunday, July 20, 2014

Google Authorship Snippets Disappear and Video Snippets Show Decline

Gosh Darn.  I hope I can explain this in my own words.  At end of blog supply some links for more understanding. Today my inbox was full with some articles that suggested that Video Snippets are disappearing.

For the longest time I noticed a video posted in a local market on YouTube with the right title and information folks were searching for would show if Google deemed that search inquiry to fit/match what a search inquiry was looking for.  The articles linked below suggest that Google has made some changes and a dip/drop in video snippets whatever you want to call it is showing  to be true.

Google launched Authorship back a while ago.  Authorship results always had your pic next to your article/blog or something you were given credit for. Google decided drop authorship snippet's. One reason was for mobile search.  It seems that according to the articles now video snippets are seeing a drop off.

When I started sharing videos for small business I realized it was best practice to take Googles advice. Use video to target your market not search.  Crazy huh?  I followed what the YouTube Playbook advised.  When I evangelized my small business market I made a point to educate small business about sharing Videos.  Including in website, blogs, newsletters and social sites to make content engaged and relevant. Watch time of video became very important.  

I might be very wrong and feel free to educate me if I am way of base. I was amazed when I would see a video snippet rank high after a short time and right below a sponsored ad.  My first thought was I wonder how the paid sponsors feels about seeing a video snippet ( eye appealing) in organic search right under a paid ad.  My next thought .. Google is going to do something about this in the future.

I also, noticed this uncanny obsessive talk about SEO.  The first thing small business would ask me is about SEO.  I explained need to identify your target market and use tools/marketing weapons to go after your market.  Once you determine direction then start looking  how to improve your search results.  I used video because small business clients could share with friends on social sites and build brand and awareness.

My second observation was Google was and is making changes that better serve what they are a "search engine".  They have rocked the SEO world and continue to do so.

Google has launched tons of hangouts and education and pushing the Google Partners program and lots of folks are becoming  certified for Ad Words.  Google is pushing for paid advertising and will start to create a gap in organic vs paid.  My Thoughts don't scold me:>)  You Know "make money".

My whole business is centered on short clips for small business uploaded to YouTube and helping the business I work with learning to be active with video in the local market they target customers.  I have noticed a few video snippets no longer showing and will start mapping this week.

Finally using Google Webmaster Tools and using on videos will help.

Google is a for profit company.  They want to have very accurate search results and will make what changes they deem important to make this happen.

Please forgive me for not using all the buzz words and sharing my thoughts.  This is why I will add some links below for those far smarter then me.  Some final thoughts Video is one of many tactics to target  market. I will continue using  this very powerful tool.  Lazy marketing efforts will not gain help  your business if your not active going after your target market.  Use video push to friends and share on social sites, website , blogs and newsletters

I will continue to make videos a front line tactic for small business. My Goal is better education for small business clients and the importance of sharing, engagement and activity are super important.

These links will better educate you.  Thank you to these very informed and knowledgeable folks.

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