Thursday, August 22, 2013

How I Built My Internet Radio Station Using Hangouts On Air

Several months ago I decided to try Hangouts On Air to broadcast my Internet Radio Show.  The first frustrating step at that time no Permanent Link to post prior to show.  This part was solved. Know your channel name?  Then your link will look like this.

YouTube Live Broadcast       Link URL:

I post the link prior to show this allows folks to share link and join me at broadcast scheduled time.  For those of you learning about G+ ( Googles Social Network). You will need a gmail account.

The steps..

Create G+ Account and Connect YouTube. Good step by step from Social Media Examiner . This will take a little work but worth it.  YourYouTube channel will be a shell and need some hands on.  If you need more info Google search YouTube Help.. tons of great educational videos..

Assuming you know something about Hangouts?  Going to assume those reading do.

Radio Show Process

1.  Post Link above to all my social networks prior to show with Guest Information including Time and Date
2.  At time of the show I enter my G+ go to my profile and navigation bar on left click "hangouts on air".
3. Name Hangout Title of Show Click  "Start Hangout"
4. Load effects run through test audio and cancel camera ( top right).
5. Start Broadcast
6. Live show is on G+ profile and YouTube Live.  YouTube is archiving show.
7. When show ends go to YouTube click on My Channel then Video Manger in my playlist find the show and add keywords and information about show.  Save and now your show is ready to share back as "On demand.
8.  I recently created a account on Viewbix This now allows me to create a custom player and add info     about guest, link to guest website, link for my newsletter, links to my social networks and links to all my sponsors websites.
9.  Once this is completed ViewBix offers a link for copy /paste and embed code.  The final product I push back out for "on demand" play.  Below is one of my shows with completed process.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Make Your Video Players Customized

I wanted to build some customer players for the Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast network.  Thank you  Very easy to add some features in a video and keep you connected.

Let me know what you think.  Tools that allow for engagement and participation are the future of social networking.  Keep your Social Foot Print active and help others find you and your services.

Hurdie Burk

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network New Shows Start August 2013

Broadcast using Google hangouts "live" on my YouTube channel.  All broadcast are Tuesday 7-8PM cst.  Interview local Austin Texas Business.
 Hurdie Burk Internet Broadcast Network begins the next 20 Shows August 6 ( Tuesday) and every Tuesday Night 7-8PM CST. The Internet Radio Show ( audio) is broadcast Live on my YouTube Channel. Click Link Below at 7PM Tuesday Night and listen in. Our Guest Mike Oneal the Money Coach. His website is Are you running your business as a Hobby? Come join us. Tons of information one mouse click away..
 My sponsors 
Steps 2 True Health-Diana Foley,  My Georgetown TX Homes-Sheri Sally, Jerry's Garage-Todd Frank, Allison Interiors-Diana Allison, Gateway Loan-Danny L Smith, Gateway Home Inspection-Charles Schiller,  Money Coach -Mike O'Neal, AMS Garage Doors-Mike Steward
This link is direct to my YouTube live ( audio) broadcast 7-8PM cst.    Come Join Us..
Live Broadcast Link     Thanks for Listening
 Hurdie Burk